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Why an Oil Cleanser is the best thing for your skin.

There are a few misconceptions about using an oil cleanser that I'd like to shed some light on. 

1) That if you have oily skin you shouldn't use an oil cleanser;

2) That your skin will be left with an oily film and won't feel clean after cleansing;

3) Everyone must double cleanse their skin. 

The most common problem I see with new clients is skin with a compromised barrier due to over cleansing, using harsh stripping surfactants like sulfates, or following misleading trends from the internet. 

I developed our award winning RENEW oil to milk cleanser to help resolve this issue. A well formulated oil cleanser will not strip your skin nor leave an icky oily film on your skin. In fact, your skin will feel clean, refreshed and soft. You can use a warm wet cloth or not, it really doesn't require it as it emulsifies on contact with water and turns into a milk and rinses clean. That is due to the gentle vegetable derived emulsifier we use. 

As far as those with breakout prone, oily skin, we got you covered too. We added non comedogenic oils with anti-inflammatory properties. Our star ingredient is our Cherry Blossom extract. Cherry Blossoms have been found to contain anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce inflammation and antioxidants for oxidative damage from the sun and pollutants. For those with dry or other skin types, it helps to repair the skins natural barrier to promote a smooth radiant and supple skin. 

For more information on scientific studies on the anti-inflammatory benefits of Cherry Blossoms click on this link.

When it comes to double cleansing, I would only suggest it at night if you wear heavy makeup or thick sunscreen. Otherwise it is not needed for a daily cleanse. An oil cleanser is the perfect way to refresh you skin in your morning routine. If you are someone who goes to bed with their makeup on...then we need to talk! Just don't. Your skin will thank you!